Restore The Brightness of Your Smile With Expert Whitening Procedures

benefits of teeth whitening

Lots of people dream about having a gorgeous smile. As a part of reaching this, they are choosing professional teeth whitening. Professional teeth bleaching is an in-demand corrective dental method due to its numerous benefits besides whiter teeth. At-home teeth whitening systems simply cannot compare to the remarkable and longer-term results of dental teeth whitening.

Custom-Made Care And Outcomes

Normally, in aesthetic dental treatments, a generalized system will not work for each unique case. Individuals' needs are often quite different. Dental professionals rely on their training and knowledge while examining teeth to determine the source of any discoloration.

In addition, the dentist will consider any previous and future corrective dentistry care or repairs you want to pursue that might affect your beautiful outcome. For instance, it might be reasonable to wait before going in for new dental crowns or veneers. This can help your dentist to produce crowns and veneers that match the coloration of your newly whitened, beautiful teeth. Dental bleaching is a bit harder for patients who have veneers or crowns. Since whitening sessions cannot eliminate discoloration on dental crowns or veneers, it might be necessary for your dentist to use numerous procedures to make sure that your teeth have a seamless color.

At your initial evaluation, the dentist will determine a customized whitening process that is suitable for you. She or he will also let you know the likely number of whitening sessions necessary to attain the most beautiful outcomes.

Expert Teeth Whitening Products

Over-the-counter teeth whitening materials typically contain a minimal amount of whitening elements compared to whitening methods used for in-office teeth whitening. Also, cumbersome tooth trays and irritating strips could lead to patchy outcomes and generally only whiten teeth one shade per application. Prior to an in-office teeth whitening session, individuals can identify the exact degree of whiteness they hope to accomplish.

At MINT dentistry in Addison, our group provides hour-long laser teeth whitening procedures using a system called ZOOM for Addison, TX residents. ZOOM features a unique hydrogen peroxide-based gel that is applied to each tooth one at a time. This unique gel is stimulated by a diode laser, which goes through the tooth and enhances the dingey enamel. This system could lift the teeth up to six to ten shades. We recommend that men and women who receive laser teeth whitening treatments schedule dental cleanings twice each year. This cleaning will help prevent additional exterior discoloration and help your teeth remain healthy.

Reduced Tooth Discomfort

Every now and then, people who try drugstore teeth whitening solutions might suffer from tooth sensitivity after they put them on. This might take place if the hydrogen peroxide penetrates the enamel of the teeth or when they purchase whitening solutions with poorly sized strips and trays that aggravate the gum tissue. The experienced dental professionals at MINT dentistry in Addison take cautious steps to thwart these problems.

In each ZOOM laser whitening procedure at our Addison, TX practice, the gums and lips are kept safe to guarantee that the whitening ingredients touch the teeth only. Next, your dental professional will administer the whitening solution to every individual tooth. To cover the sensitive eyes from the laser, patients receive protective glasses. Even though the technique is very comfortable for nearly all patients, an anesthetic can be provided to help lower any distress or to calm the gag reflex.

Healthier, Accelerated Procedures

While store-bought lightening kits normally do not pose safety issues for many people, numerous attempts to lighten and enhance teeth without help from a dental professional may result in increased tooth pain from sensitivity to heat and cold. Since it may take many weeks or maybe months to attain distinct results with store-bought tooth whitening materials, discomfort might be a problem. Specific products may fail completely to produce a whiter smile. Professional teeth bleaching processes are administered by dental professionals to make patients feel calm and ensure that the teeth and gums stay protected during the course of the bleaching.

Enduring Results

Along with the multiple other advantages of in-office teeth lightening techniques, their effects stay much longer when compared to drugstore tooth whitening products. Directly after a whitening treatment and for about 24 hours, we urge patients to refrain from eating and drinking any dark-colored foods, such as tomato sauce, and beverages, such as dark juices. Further, anytime it's convenient, request a reusable straw for beverages that could tarnish the teeth.

After a ZOOM teeth whitening treatment, our patients are given an at-home kit that provides the whitening agent and custom trays. These products can be put to use about every six months to help uphold the healthier appearance of your teeth. At MINT dentistry in Addison, our crew advises practicing good oral hygiene routines by always brushing and flossing whenever you eat and before going to bed.

Elevated Self-Assurance and Outlook

Professionally whitened teeth should generate much more than an attractive smile. Most people experience elevated positive attitudes following their teeth whitening, which causes them to become progressively more extroverted and function more assertively in professional environments and in important social functions. Bleached teeth could also take years off of your face, making you appear younger.

Work With Your Dentist to Boost the Appeal of Your Smile

The beautiful results generated by professional teeth whitening procedures such as ZOOM and many others are unmatched in their abilities to obviously alter a person's look and, at the same time, elevate self-confidence. We urge you to contact MINT dentistry in Addison and arrange an appointment with our friendly Addison, TX cosmetic dental practitioners, who can't wait to assist you in developing a truly gorgeous smile.

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