No PPO Plan?No Problem

The MINT Discount Plan is the perfect solution for individuals and families without PPO dental insurance. This is not an insurance plan, but a discount plan good only at MINT dentistry that offers discounts on the greatest range of dental services.

Finally, a perfect plan for parents and children. Adults can save thousands of dollars a year.

Free exams, free cleanings, free x-rays, free whitening plus substantial discounts on almost every procedure at MINT. This means you and your family don’t have to worry about not having PPO dental insurance. Because you’re now part of the MINT family.







Each additional family member


Free whitening – 2x a year

Free cleaning – 2x a year *

No dollar caps on services

Free exam – 2x a year

Free x-rays – 2x a year

No limits on number of visits

No waiting periods

No claim forms to submit

No deductibles or maximums

* Does not include Deep Cleaning



UCR Fee *

Member Pays


Comprehensive Exam


No Charge




No Charge


Adult Teeth Cleaning


No Charge


Child's Teeth Cleaning *


No Charge


Panoramic Radiographic Image


No Charge




No Charge


Porcelain Crown Includes Buildup




Deep Cleaning / Scaling and Planing

$300 / quad

$75 / quad


* 13 or younger is considered a child's cleaning


Begin your new dental experience and enroll today by completing the online application. Once your payment is processed, eligibility begins immediately.

Filling out this form does not make you an appointment.

THIS IS NOT INSURANCE. The MINT Discount Plan provides discounts to plan members for a complete range of dental services provided by MINT dentistry. MINT Discount Plan members are obligated to pay for their dental services at the plan rate. This program is non refundable and not transferable to another person. This plan’s benefits are automatically terminated upon your activation of a PPO dental insurance plan. As a parting gesture we will give you a coupon for one free dental cleaning good for twelve months.